Wainscoting and Shadow Boxes in Long Island, NY

Wainscoting and Shadow Boxes in Long Island, NY
Wainscoting and Shadow Boxes

Wainscoting and Shadow Boxes in Long Island, NY 

 Project Initiation

Sam and Michelle Morhaim approached Creatively Done Homes with a unique home improvement project in mind. Their vision was to enhance the aesthetics of their hallway and foyer by adding wainscoting with shadow boxes. However, this task came with challenges, particularly in matching and preserving the existing millwork in their home. We were ready to take on this challenge at Creatively Done Homes, armed with the expertise and tools required for custom molding fabrication.

Assessing the Wainscoting Challenges

Before diving into the project, evaluating the existing space and millwork was crucial. The Morhaims had invested in high-quality millwork that had become integral to the home’s character. Therefore, our first task was to ensure that the new wainscoting and shadow boxes seamlessly integrated with the existing design, maintaining the overall aesthetic appeal.

 Custom Molding Fabrication

Achieving the perfect blend of old and new required us to create custom moldings that matched the existing millwork. Our team of skilled carpenters meticulously crafted each piece, paying attention to every detail to ensure a flawless match. Using the latest technology and our extensive knowledge of woodworking, we were able to replicate the intricate designs and patterns of the Morhaims’ original millwork.

 Shadow Boxes Layout Modification

Some layout modifications were necessary to make the new wainscoting and shadow boxes fit seamlessly into the hallway and foyer. Our experts carefully analyzed the space and proposed adjustments to enhance the flow and visual appeal. By making these changes, we were addressing the functional aspects of the project and ensuring that the final result would be aesthetically pleasing.

The Finishing Touch

One of the Morhaims’ primary concerns was the finishing of the millwork. They wanted a luxurious finish that would complement the rest of their home’s interior. This aspect of the project was of utmost importance, as it would determine the overall look and feel of the newly added wainscoting and shadow boxes.

Professional Coating Expertise

Creatively Done Homes takes great pride in being a professional coating contractor. Our team possesses extensive knowledge of various coating methods and products, allowing us to deliver exceptional finishes. We carefully selected the finest coatings for the Morhaim project to ensure a luxurious appearance. Our craftsmen applied these coatings precisely, achieving a result exceeding the Morhaims’ expectations.

 A Luxurious  Millwork Transformation

The transformation of the Morhaims’ hallway and foyer was nothing short of luxurious. The custom-crafted wainscoting and shadow boxes seamlessly blended with the existing millwork, creating a cohesive and stunning look. The finishing touches added a touch of sophistication, making the entire space feel more opulent and inviting.

 Customer Satisfaction

At Creatively Done Homes, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Throughout the project, we maintained open communication with the Morhaims, informing them about the progress and involving them in decision-making. This collaborative approach ensured their vision was brought to life precisely as they had imagined.


In conclusion, the project for Sam and Michelle Morhaim was a testament to Creatively Done Homes’ commitment to excellence. We successfully tackled the challenges of matching existing millwork, custom molding fabrication, layout modification, and achieving a luxurious finish. A transformed hallway and foyer exuded elegance and charm, reflecting the homeowners’ impeccable taste.

 Your Next Home Improvement Project

If you have a home improvement project that demands precision, craftsmanship, and a keen eye for detail, don’t hesitate to contact Creatively Done Homes. Our team of experts is ready to turn your vision into reality, just as we did for the Morhaims. Let us bring creativity and expertise to your next project, making your home a true reflection of your style and personality.

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Sam And Michelle Morhaim contacted us about adding wainscoting with shadow boxes in the hallway and foyer. Matching and keeping the existing millwork would prove challenging but @ Creatively Done Homes we have all the tools for custom molding fabrication.

We were able to modify the existing layout and successfully create an impressive entryway to their beautiful home. One of their initial concerns was the finishing, what products would be used and more importantly, who would be finishing the millwork.

Creatively Done Homes is a professional coating contractor, we applied methods and products to produce a luxurious finish on the millwork

Products Used

Poplar Harwood moldings, Sherwin Williams paints

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