Room Additions

Is your family expanding? If so, you may be running out of room and will want some room additions. If you live around Brookville, we can help you out in this department.

Whole House Remodeling

For the more ambitious homeowners, you may be interested in our whole house remodeling package. As the name describes, we’ll remodel your entire home and make it look as good as new.

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Brookville's Finest Kitchen Remodeling Service Provider

Kitchen remodels can completely change the look and feel of your Brookville home’s interior. However, it’s not a simple project you can complete in a single afternoon on your own. You need a contractor to help get the job done. Call up Creatively Done Homes today and ask us about our kitchen remodeling package.

Fireplace Mantel

Do you have an out-of-date fireplace that could use some modernization? Check out our fireplace mantel services to see what we can do for your fireplace.


Have you ever seen a home with a portico and wondered how you could add such a beautiful feature to your own Brookville residence? Call Creatively Done Homes and feel free to ask us about our portico construction and remodeling.

Garage Conversions

If your garage is no longer in use, then it may be time to convert it. With our garage conversion services, we'll transform your obsolete garage space and turn it into a useful living area.

Handyman Services

It’s always helpful to have a local handyman available to assist with small repairs around the home, such as broken hinges and hardware replacements. We offer handyman services for clients living in the surrounding Brookville area.

Ask About Our Bathroom Remodeling Package In Brookville, NY

There comes a time when you need to remodel your bathroom, whether because it’s outdated, in disrepair, or more. When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, you don’t want to simply go at it without any experience or assistance. You’ll want a proper contractor to help you out. That’s where we come in. We can help transform your bathroom and make it look out-of-this-world.