Whole House Remodeling Hicksville

Whole House Remodeling Hicksville

Whole House Remodeling For Total Customization Of Your Long Island Home

Are you looking to completely change the look of your entire home? If you’re a Long Island resident, then you’d be wise to call up Creatively Done Homes and learn all about our whole house remodeling package.

There are many reasons as to why someone would want to remodel their homes. Whether you’re planning to sell your home and you want to get more money for it, or you simply want to modernize it and bring your residence up to date, a whole house remodeling can do wonders. However, whole house remodeling isn’t exactly a simple task. It requires knowledge and expertise to be done right. That’s why you need a proper remodeling contractor, such as Creatively Done Homes, to lend a hand.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been undertaking all kinds of remodeling contractor tasks all across Long Island, handling things from bathroom remodeling to simple handyman services, and everything in between. People trust us because they know we’re qualified and experienced, we’re dedicated to results, and we’re committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. Simply put: if you want your whole house remodeling project to go smoothly, then we can make it happen.

Call us today so that we can get started. During the first phase of our project, we’ll work with you to come up with a plan of attack, which includes addressing your wants and needs regarding the whole house remodel. From there, we’ll move onto drawing up plans and formulating an overall strategy for remodeling your home in the most efficient, convenient way possible.

If you’re concerned about budgets, don’t worry. We have a partnership with HFS Financial, and we’ll be able to work with you and them to come up with a financing plan so you don’t need to fret about breaking the bank.

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Our Room Addition Services Are Second to None

If a whole house remodeling is a little too ambitious for you, we advise you to check out our smaller scale packages, such as our room addition service.

If you’re only planning to make smaller changes around your home while still changing the overall value, we advise you to look into room additions. Many homeowners love room addition projects because they can help with expanding their residence and give it a more modern look and feel. It’s also much more budget-friendly, but the overall value it places on your home is almost priceless. Whether you want to add a new bathroom, bedroom, or den, we’re the ones to help you with your room addition needs.

Ready to hire the best remodeling contractor in Long Island? Don’t hesitate. Reach out to Creatively Done Homes today and ask us how we can help you out. You’ll be put in touch with a knowledgeable and experienced representative who will address any questions or concerns you may have.

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