Dormers & Extensions Hicksville

Dormers & Extensions Hicksville

Offering Long Island Dormers & Extensions

Ever wondered how you could have dormers added to your Long Island home? Well, you’ll need the top remodeling contractor in the Long Island area to help you out. That’s where we come in: Creatively Done Homes.

Ever since we opened our doors more than 30 years ago, people have been flocking to our business to help them with their remodeling needs. We handle everything from millwork to full house remodeling, and everything in between. People hire us because they know they’re getting the best in terms of service and results.

On this page, we’re going to talk about our dormers installation and remodeling packages.

Dormers are windows that project from a sloping roof in a vertical manner. You may have seen these on other homes around your neighborhood and wondered how you can go about including them in your own residence. Unfortunately, adding dormers to your home isn’t as simple as buying a new window from the local home improvement store and placing them on your residence. You need expert contractors to help you out.

As part of our dormers service, we’ll handle every aspect of the process. You call us up and we’ll sit down with you to discuss everything that we need to get the job done. We’ll take measurements, acquire the materials, do the physical labor, and everything else. We’ll be in constant contact with you throughout the whole process so that there are no surprises. After we’ve finished, you’ll be able to stand back and marvel at what we’ve accomplished.

If you want to add dormers to your Long Island home, you need to reach out to us today to see how we can help.

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Ask About Our Porticos Packages

In addition to dormers, another way you can spruce up the look of your Long Island home is by adding a new portico or remodeling your existing one.

A portico is a structure usually installed at the front of a structure that acts as an extension of your entryway. You may have seen porticos on upscale homes and wondered how you can go about having your own. It’s not a project that can be completed on your own without experience, so we advise you to reach out to Creatively Done Homes to help you out.

Ready to take the next step to improving your Long Island home? Then it’s time to call Creatively Done Homes. When you reach out to us, a dedicated and knowledgeable representative will be ready to take your call and to answer any and all of your questions or concerns. Please make sure you call us sooner rather than later so that we can get started right away.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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