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If you’re in need of a dedicated builder in Long Island, then Creatively Done Homes is the company to call. Read on to get an overview of the various builder and remodeler services we offer.


Need a new door or window but don't know how to handle finding the measurements and all that other complicated millwork stuff? Not to worry, because we can handle all the hard work for you and get you where you need to be.


One way to really enhance the beauty of your home's exterior is by adding a portico to the entrance. Call our builder team if you want to add a new or remodel an existing portico for your Long Island home.

Dormers & Extensions

Dormer windows can be tricky to add onto a home with a sloped roof. Fortunately, our Long Island remodeling contractor team has no problem with these kinds of projects.

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If you have any questions or require our services, get in touch with our professionals at Creatively Done Home Improvements Inc. today! We will be happy to schedule a consultation so our experts can meet with you in person and begin working on your project.

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